1、Global Events Interest Group

   This group is in charge of International affairs to disseminate knowledge Management Methods or knowhow  in japan to global world by varying ways such as taking part in International Knowledge Management Related Events. They are also in charge of absorbing  new methods or knowhow of KM from global world .

 They are the negotioation window with contacts from outside of Japan.


2. Risk Management Interest Group

 This group is to make a research and study of socalled Enterprise Risk Management Methods.

 And the significant feature is  that this group is more of an emphathis on practical side


3. Organization Recognition theory Group (located in Kansai area)

 The origin of this group is from Kakono Research Group at Kobe University.

They mainly make a research and study of varying ways of organizational thinking by executives and managers.


4. Knowledge Creation Study Group

 This group is to study processes of knowledge creation and management innovation at advanced companies and organizations. 

This group's emphathis is more of case studies than theory persuance. And they also make a treasure of culturally different communications  between varying organizations and individuals.


5. Art Interest group

  The Interest of this group is to study varying japanese old arts such as Marchal Arts or Pottery making.

In addition, they compare Japanese old philosophy on arts with European way of thinking.


6. Diversity Interest Group

  The Interest of this group is to study enterprise policy and actual practice of diversity.

They especially have strong interest of promoting chances of women capability expression in Japanese enterprise.


7.  Tokai  Group

 This group is an independent local group of KM study at Tokai area. They focus on reserach of actual case studies in small and medium scale enterprises at Tokai area.

8. Practical Knowledge Distribution Group