The Knowledge Forum 2013 Russia Vladivostok

The Role and Deployment of Knowledge(Chi) Management in the Asia and Pacific region of 21st century

language Jpn/Eng


1.Theme of the Forum

"The Role and Deployment of Chi Management for Sustainable Development in Asia and Pacific regions of 21st century"

(2) Sub-Theme:
"Promotion of Chi Networking among Industry, Government and Academia for new industry clusters in the world"
"Chi" is synthetic concept including knowledge, wisdom and mind.

2.Purpose of the Forum

To have Chi Management professionals from all over the world especially Asian countries, gather in Vladivostok for discussion and sharing ideas as to Chi Management role for sustainable economic developments of the world.

3.Scope of the Forum

The forum will discuss about the importance of different cultures and ideas underlying Chi creation and Chi Management theory in their own business fields. It would be focused on quality of conversations and sharing information, networking and communications.

4.Official Language

Russian, Japanese and English

5.The Host Organization & Sponsorship

Far Eastern Federal University (hereafter FEFU) in Vladivostok Russia with joint sponsorship of Knowledge Management Society of Japan and Japan-Russia Far East Forum.
The organizing chair of the Knowledge Forum 2013 Russia is Prof. Igor G.Protsenko, Vice President (for Science and Innovations)of FEFU in Vladivostok Russia.

6.Place and Size

The forum will be held in the New Campus of FEFU in Vladivostok, Russia.
The number of participants in the Forum is expected to be at least 100 including scholars, students, business people, and bureaucrat.

7.speakers List



Speech Theme

Speech Point


Key Note


TAKAYAMA/ Chihiro, M.B.A., Ph.D.
 Officer, Executive Director
Knowledge Creation Department
Eisai Co., Ltd.

Knowledge Creation Activities by a pharmaceutical company leading to the realization of human healthcare as common good

Busintameess Model Innovation incorporated by Knowledge Creation Theory

New Stream of Management for Cause-related Activities in Japanese Pharmaceutical company ”Eisai” implementing Philosophical Management  



Chi Management

TAKANASHI / Tomohiro

Executive Vice President, KMSJ

Specially appointed professor, Graduate School for Management of Technology, Niigata University

 “Implication of Basic Concept

for Chi Management”


New aspects of Management

in Chi Society




UEKI / Hideo

Director, KMSJ

Professor, Tokyo Keizai University



International Transfer of Automotive Development Function- The Problem of Localization and Reverse Innovation at Japanese JVC in China-




Creative R&D transfer and HRD of Toyota Way to deploy original brand cars in China.


OOWADA / Akikuni

Member, KMSJ

President, DynaxT

Value of corporations is based on an analogous intellectual power not digital



Health Care


Ph.D. ONOSE / Yoshikazu

Director, KMSJ

Registered Healthservice Management Consultant, Part-time Lecturer, Takushoku University & Sangyonoritu University

 “Current situation of medical and nursing care in Japan and Knowledge management”

Consider the importance of Knowledge management and the current situation of medical and nursing care of elderly Japanese super-aging society.








KUME / Katsuhiko

Executive Vice President, KMSJ

The Former Statutory Auditor,

Suzuki Motor Corp.

Suzuki’s Asian Strategy and Transfer of


A study on Suzuki’s behavior ~ concentration of resources for investment more on Asian market as a small car marker and transfer of technology requires to share the corporate philosophy







Takushoku University

Japanese Financial Industry and
Information and Communication Technology

ICT will support Banking business by customizing or choosing products for each customers as well as providing portals for matching lenders and borrowers. Risk management will be also supported by ICT. Their top management and academics should regard knowledge management.











ADACHI / Kazuhiko

Chairman of the Board

tIntelligent Wave Co.,Ltd.

M2M Revolution

Consideration on new trend of

M2M,which is expected to key to change the world industries and corporations







Human Resource

NAGASATO / Shinichi


Landscope Co., Ltd

Manpower development utilizing internal knowledge resources.

Consideration of the ongoing effort to stabilize the management of a local college-prep school through the publication of a free whitepaper entitled “Shigotobito” (Working People), which aims to provide career-education support.


Traditional Culture


Ph.D. ONOSE / Yoshikazu

Art Group ChairDirector, KMSJ

Part-time Lecturer, Takushoku University & Sangyonoritu University

 “Strengths of Japan learn from Geido and Budo”

Learn the strengths in Japan from  Geido and Budo, and consider the expansion method of corporate management by those strengths.




Day 1 ( April 28th 2013 )
13:00-17:00 Technical Visit at Vladivostok including FEFU

Day 2 ( April 29th 2013 )
9:45 - 10:15: Official Opening of the Forum
10:20 - 12:00: Keynote Speaker's Speech*
12:00 - 13:30: Lunch and Networking
13:30 - 15:30: Speech (A track + B track)
15:30 - 16:00: Break
16:00 - 18:00: Speech (A track + B track)
18:00 - 19:00: Free time
19:00 - 21:30: Reception and Dinner Networking

Day 3 ( April 30th 2013 )
10:00 - 17:00 Japan-Russia Far-East Forum

9.Participation Fees

Registration fee (including proceedings and meals) 30,000 yen, and Reception fee 5,000 yen
For participants from Japan, total travel cost is 240,000 yen including above fees.
See attached Itinerary.
For participants from other than Japan, please contact KMSJ for registration by with an appropriate itinerary to Vladivostok arranged by yourself.

10.Flight between Vladivostok and Tokyo

Apr.27 (sat.)Siberia Airlines (S7) Flight 566
14:55 Narita Int’l .Airport(2nd Terminal)
19:40 Vladivostok Airport

May 1 (wed.)Siberia Airlines (S7) Flight 565
13:30 Vladivostok Airport
13:55 Narita Int’l Airport
Departure /Arrival time shown in local

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